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Graduation / Proms

No matter what age you are, graduating is a big deal, so have a graduation party to commemorate the accomplishment. Obviously, graduating from high school or college is more difficult, but a kindergarten or grade school graduation party is also a nice reward for your child. A graduation party is not only a great way to celebrate your own child’s achievement, but his or her entire class, as well. Invite them all for an exciting evening of presents, dancing, and dining at The Power Center!

The other nice aspect of using The Power Center for your prom is that it provides the students with a safer atmosphere than a hotel. If there is a mishap or mistake, we can help you deal with it. We want your prom to run seamlessly. Choose The Power Center for an enchanting prom for one last hurrah!


Plan ahead. Make up a plan early in the process of organizing an event and stick to it. Have several back up plans in case your original idea just won’t work with the budget or timing. Never assume everything will work itself out. Go over all details at least twice and make checklists to help keep you on track.